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Fishing, Kayaking, and Paddling


  • Explore our comprehensive guides on fishing gear and tackle. Learn about rods, reels, lines, lures, and baits to help you catch your next big fish.
  • Discover various fishing techniques such as fly fishing, baitcasting, trolling, and more. We provide tips and tricks for different types of fishing environments, from freshwater lakes and springs, to our saltwater oceans.
  • Explore popular all the popular fishing destinations here in Sarasota Bay. Whether you’re interested in bass fishing in shore, or deep-sea fishing out in the Gulf, we’ll help you plan your fishing trips.
  • Learn about responsible fishing practices, including catch and release, to help conserve fish populations and protect the environment.


  • Find the perfect kayak for your needs, whether it’s a recreational kayak for calm waters, a touring kayak for longer expeditions, or a pedal kayak for fishing adventures.
  • Master essential paddling techniques, including strokes, turns, and safety tips, to ensure a safe and enjoyable kayaking experience.
  • Explore the must-have accessories for your kayak, from life vests and paddles to kayak storage and transport solutions.
  • Discover stunning kayaking destinations, from serene rivers and tranquil lakes to more challenging open water coastal paddling routes.


  • Learn about different types of paddle sports, including stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). We provide guides on gear, techniques, and popular paddle sports locations.
  • Get essential safety tips and develop your paddling skills, so you can confidently navigate various water bodies with our demo days, schedule them here.
  • Explore the gear and equipment needed for paddle sports, including SUP boards, and safety gear.
  • Plan your next paddling adventure, whether it’s a peaceful day trip down a spring, exploring many of the nearby mangrove tunnels, or a lazy day enjoying Sarasota Bay.

No matter your experience level or interests, Economy Tackle and Dolphin Paddlesports has the experts here to help you make the most of your fishing, kayaking, and paddling adventures. Feel free to ask any specific questions or seek guidance on any aspect of these outdoor activities. Let’s embark on a water-filled journey together!