Stand-Up Paddleboards

There’s a reason this sport is growing so quickly: it’s fun, it’s great exercise and anyone can do it in any kind of water!

Take to the gulf, ocean, lake, bay or estuary with your new SUP from Economy Tackle/Dolphin Paddlesports. Whether you’re a beginning paddler in flat water or you’re an advanced expert competing or playing in head high surf, we have just the paddleboard you’re looking for.

Featuring boards by SIC- BicSport, Hobie, SOL, and Boardworks, we have high quality boards to accommodate riders of all sizes and skill levels.

Not sure which board is right for you? Simply come by our store and we will explain the characteristics of each board, or rent a board for your very own test drive. We’ll apply one day’s rental fee to the purchase price of your new board.

In addition, private instruction is available by appointment. Course fee is $60 with reservations required. The class is for 90 minutes. Call us at 941.922.9671 for more information.

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