Sarasota Kayak Launch Sites

We love the water and all the wonder-filled opportunities it offers. There’s no end to the variety of interests that the beaches, waterways and natural habitats of the Gulf coast provides our families and us. Sarasota kayak launch sites are numerous and inviting to beginner and expert paddlers alike.

So that we might help you in discovering the vast array of natural beauty our little touch of paradise possesses, we have assembled a sampling of local points-of-interests, paddle areas and paddle-friendly launch sites and maps.

We ask that, as you enjoy the diverse environments, be respectful of the plant and animal life, obey posted ordinances, exercise common sense and safety, and have a fantastic time. These Sarasota kayak launch sites are ready for you to explore! 

There’s an amazing world to explore out there and we want to share it with you always!  We look forward to hearing about your experiences.

Download our new kayak launch site and boat ramp locator app.  It is free and list all the great places to kayak in our area.  The app even connects to your smart phone’s map and helps you with directions to the nearest launch site or the one you choose.  Try it. It’s free for Android or Apple Devices

Sarasota Kayak Launch