Have you heard about snorkeling and how much fun it can be? Are you ready to go out and give it a shot yourself? Don’t worry you are not the first or last person to want to dive into the deep blue. But be careful there are several steps you want to take to ensure that you have a safe and fun Sarasota snorkeling experience!

Buy Proper Gear

sarasota snorkelingOne of the first things you want to make sure to do to prepare for your snorkeling trip is the right gear. Too often first time snorkelers rent cheap and unreliable equipment leading to a sub-par and sometimes even scary experience. Ill-fitted equipment can cause problems such as a leaking face mask, leading to poor vision while swimming. And water flooding your snorkel tube which can be a harrowing experience. Trust the experts at Economy Tackle to outfit you with the right snorkeling gear for the job. We have been the premier water sports outfitter for Sarasota since 1948!

Practice Practice Practice!

Being underwater for prolonged periods of time is not exactly something that comes easy to the human body. Before heading out to your chosen viewing area, practice in a pool or shallow sandy beach area to get acclimated to your snorkeling gear. Check your mask for leaks, practice purging your snorkel of water, and most importantly get those legs kicking to get used to the force it takes to displace water.

Stay Safe by Reducing Effort

Snorkeling beginners underestimate how much of a workout snorkeling can be. Eliminate this problem by swimming slowly! Take your time and take in the sights. You can control your exertion level by watching your breath. Breathe slowly and easily through your snorkel, keep an eye on times where you are struggling to draw a full breath and slow down.

Words can only get us so far. Call or email Economy Tackle/Dolphin Paddlesports at 941-922-9671 for more information and guidance on your first Sarasota snorkeling experience!