There are several different types of pedal kayaks to choose from. They are perfect for anglers due to their ability to be hands free, making them easy to fish on. But why do people choose Hobie? What makes Hobie’s Mirage Drive unique?


The Mirage Drive allows for both back and forth motion in full power. This is perfect for shedding debris from the propeller drive. Other types of kayaks just get caught up in the sea weed or other debris in the water.


The Mirage Drive gives the angler the ability to navigate shallow water with ease. There’s no need to have full strokes, just use partial strokes to glide through shallow water spots quickly. The fins also fold up quickly unlike other brands.


The ARC Cranks are accommodating for all users from child to adult. All it takes is a push of a button.


The Mirage Drive is built to last. They’re built strong and tough and are made to handle harsh conditions of the ocean.


Installing the Mirage Drive is easy with the click and go system. Click them in and out in seconds.


Maintaining the Drive is easy as well. Take care of it as you would with anything that goes in the water. Rinse it off after each use and you’re good to go.

Hobie’s Mirage Drive

Hobie’s are fast, adjustable, sleek, and constantly evolving. Check out their newest model, the Mirage Lynx. Designed for exploring on the go. It is an ultra-light weight kayak. And it has a sleek, rugged platform, designed specifically for anglers. Between the kick up fins, the flat bottom design, and the accessories galore, it’s an angler’s dream kayak. Come check it out here in Sarasota at Economy Tackle/Dolphin Paddlesports. We’ve been serving Florida’s Gulf Coast and beyond since 1948.