Burrr!!! (This coming from a native Floridian!) We are seeing some much colder air temps this week which equate to much colder water temps. The inshore  pompano bite has been absolutely amazing. Reports just today, have come from the intercoastal waterway and are producing these fish in numbers. They must be a minimum of 11″ (to the fork) to keep but we have been seeing some much larger models these past few weeks! Sheepshead have been extremely abundant as well. Both of these inshore species really prefer live shrimp, sand fleas or other crustaceans. Live shrimp are best, Pompano can easily be caught on “silly willy” jigs also. And of course… we offer them at the shop! We do sell frozen sand fleas that will typically work well but can tend to get mushy as frozen shrimp do. I always suggest live bait if it’s available. It really is the most natural looking, smelling, moving, etc. Although its not always available, there are other options and we offer those as well. Artificial crabs made by Chasebaits work fantastically. With the gulf being very rough, we haven’t had many offshore reports this past week but many are eager to get out once it calms down and look around for some wahoo!! Before the front we had several reports at around 80 miles. Red grouper and yellowtail snapper have been plentiful offshore as well. There are still some nice snook, redfish and trout around inshore! Move the baits slow. The colder the water, the slower you should move the artificial bait. Loads of largemouth bass reports the past couple weeks! Using large and heavy worms in deep ponds is the key. We do offer bullet weights which are essential for rigging for that deeper water. I personally prefer an 8-12″ worm weighted and weed less. You cant go wrong with the colors “red shad” or “watermelon seed”. Definite favorites!! We are restocking every day and always growing our selection. We are here for your questions and as always, TIGHT LINES!!