High winds have made it difficult to venture offshore these past couple weeks but when its been possible, the bite has been great!! Red grouper and a few small black grouper being reported in about 140′ of water. Large mangrove snapper are still abundant offshore. Amberjacks have been reported on most of the nearshore reefs. Hogfish have been reported pretty cosistenly on most of the nearshore ledges primarily with healthy sea fans. Again, live shrimp rigged on a hogball are our top bait choice for the hogs. Moving inshore a bit, the beaches have been holding quite a few pompano as well as sheepshead! Focusing more toward the passes where there is a bit more structure is suggested. Live shrimp are best bet for the sheepshead but the pompano tend to like sandfleas a bit more. Both will work. There have been substantial amounts of trout and redfish on the flats with some pompano and small snook mixed in as well. They have been chewing artificials like lil jons, paddletails and spoons. Top choice is a golden bream or red glitter lil jon on a 1/4 oz jighead, bounced off of the bottom. Big schools of jacks have been mentiond up into Phillippi Creek along with some larger sheepsead as well. As always, we are here for your questions and comments!! Stop in and check us out. Tight Lines!