With water temperatures rising, we are beginning to see more bait off of the beaches and in the nearshore Gulf of Mexico. This will produce more chances for larger species to be targeted such as king mackerel, snook and tarpon. King fish can sometimes be spotted attacking schools of bait violently and can be identified in the gulf by sea gulls or frigate birds circling nearby overhead. Trolling live threadfins is one very productive way to target large Kings. Some tripletail have still been seen around the buoy lines. A live shrimp is your best best for those tasty critters. Several reports of snook already moving down the beach makes for an exciting early spring!! White paddle tail jigs, gold or silver spoons and swimbaits work very well for these fish in addition to flies. The presentation on the beach should be as natural as possible, making a fly the lightest most inconspicuous option. Sheepshead and pompano are still n the beach as well, they love shrimp as well as sand fleas if you can find them. Now is the time to start gearing up for tarpon!!! An 8 foot extra heavy spinning rod paired with anything from 6-8000 sized reel are typically what people choose to battle these silver kings. Stop in to check out our selection and feel free to ask any questions regarding bait presentations.  We have you covered for live and frozen bait! Stop in and see us! Tight Lines~~