Both inshore and offshore fishing have been great lately!! There are very few tarpon still around but the opportunity is still there. Fly anglers primarily have had the most luck these past couple weeks. With flies making a much softer presentation, anglers are able to target them in more shallow, clear water scenarios. Beach snook fishing has definitely begun to develop a bit more. We should start to see more bait on the beach as well. Still not quite where it should be though! Bait has been hard to locate for some, on the flats. But most of the guides have been producing daily. The inshore redfish bit has been phenomenal the past few weeks. White bait being the most productive for them, they are taking artificial baits also!! These next couple months should really tell us a lot about what our October “red-fishery” will look like. Last year will be tough to beat. Night time fishing is usually productive this time of year, with cooler temps, you’ll see everything from mangrove snapper, snook, juvenile tarpon, and even triple tail. Heading offshore? Steady reports of yellowtail snapper from the pat couple weeks, at around 50-65 mi. range. We have also had several reports of Mahi starting at the 30 mi mark!! Wahoo were thick around 65 mi this past week. With American Red Snapper coming to a close, they definitely had a great run! Limits for all! With a few kingfish reports this past week, most are gearing up to see an influx of bait and toothy critters head nearshore. As always, stop in and let us know if you have any questions. Tight Lines!!!