You’ve got your kayak, rented or bought, and it’s time to head out on the water. If you are new to this experience you might be wondering what else exactly you need to have a safe and rewarding experience out on the water. Economy Tackle/Dolphin Paddlesports has put together a list of essential kayaking accessories you will need to guarantee your kayaking adventure will be one to remember!

The Basics  

The minimum essential kayaking accessories include; the kayak, a coastguard approved Personal Flotation Device, paddle, bilge pump and a spray skirt. The kayak should be pretty self-explanatory, same with a paddle for navigating. The PFD is a necessary component of any kayaking trip as it is the last protection between you and drowning. The bilge pump will be your defense against your kayak filling up with water.  The last, a spray skirt, may not be needed depending on the temperature of the water and how calm the wind is that day.

Proper Clothing

essential kayaking accessoriesKayaking activities range from calm water navigating to rushing down mountains in rushing rivers. It is absolutely vital that you are dressed appropriately for either one of these situations. Dry tops or wetsuits help you stay dry as you navigate around in your kayak. Regardless of the temperature of the water most people find it uncomfortable to stay wet for extended periods of time. Proper swimwear will help you stay dry during your kayaking adventure.

Next in clothing comes footwear. Just like your upper body it is guaranteed that your feet will be getting wet during your kayaking excursion. Flip flops won’t do in your situation as they do not provide the proper grip inside or outside your kayak. Neoprene footwear is the recommended footwear when heading out on the water. They offer a stronger grip and keep your feet dry as well as warm while kayaking.

Lastly in kayaking clothing accessories we recommend either a helmet or sun-shielding hat. The helmet is suggested for paddlers on rough waters. Whereas sea kayakers can get away with a simple sun-shielding hat to protect against the harsh sun associated with large bodies of water.

Personal Items

You are all set in terms of gear required to have a safe time. Now time to cover personal items you’ll need to make sure you’re not only protected but you enjoy yourself as well. You’ll need plenty of water to stay hydrated, snacks to keep up your energy, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. After the advent of the picture taking era more and more kayakers are bringing a dry bag to keep all essential items that cannot get wet dry for the duration of your trip.

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