economy tackle - dolphin paddlesportsIt’s that time of the year again! Independence Day or July Fourth is a celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence of these United States 241 years ago. Americans throughout the world choose to celebrate it in several different ways including fireworks, parades, barbecues, and all other kinds of activities. A common theme among the traditional celebrations is the great outdoors.

Something about the Fourth of July brings Americans to their backyards, local parks, and nearby bodies of water to enjoy the sunlight of summer. We at, Economy Tackle and Dolphin Paddlesports wish you a happy July  Fourth and would like to remind you of a couple of tips in order to enjoy a safe and fun celebration.

Driving Safely

Please keep in mind that like you many other families will be undertaking long arduous journeys to visit family members and friends. This is ten times as true for our roadways here in Florida as northerners flock to our beaches. Be sure to use caution in work zones, obey all traffic rules, and check your vehicle for any potential mechanical issues before setting off on your big trip.


This is a biggie. Every year the Fourth represents the biggest number of hospitalizations of fireworks related incidences due to improper handling. There are several steps you can take to ensure a safe firework display. First, never let small children touch fireworks or any explosive material. Keep a supply of water nearby when setting off any fireworks, wear eye protection, and never ever aim fireworks towards any persons or other flammable materials.

Grilling Safely

Like the aforementioned fireworks, grilling is a favored activity during Fourth celebrations. However when it comes to mixing fire with a couple of drinks many regular precautions may be thrown to the wind. Always supervise the grill when it is in use and use long designated tools to touch any food being grilled. You want to be sure to keep kids and other pets far from the grill. And finally, please only grill outdoors. No matter how well ventilated you may think an indoor area is, it is never safe to turn on a grill in an enclosed or limited space.

Enjoy the Outdoors Safely

Remember that even though the outdoors may look very inviting, they require proper preparation in order to enjoy being outside safely. If you plan on hiking be sure to be outfitted with the best gear available including proper shoes. For the water lovers always remember to bring your U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket as it is the single most important safety equipment out on the water. Check your watercraft for any mechanical issues before leaving land.

Economy Tackle and Dolphin Paddlesports wish you and your family a happy Independence Day!