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UPC: 792176867944
Brand: HOBIE

Introducing the Track Mount Mini Bin, specifically designed to maximize space on your fishing kayak. Despite its name, this compact bin offers exceptional utility. With an oversized tension wheel and a secure locking tab underneath, you can trust that it will stay in place without unraveling.

Equipped with a molded tool holder, a knife slot, and a braid scissor holder/pad eye, this bin provides ample storage options. Additionally, it features three extra pad eyes for securing your gear. Whether you need to store bags of soft plastics or a variety of canned or bottled drinks, the bin's internal size is perfectly convenient.

Cleaning is a breeze with the snap-in removable floor, and the raised drain channels effectively drain water and prevent pooling. Say goodbye to clutter and make the most of every inch of your fishing kayak with the Track Mount Mini Bin.

Highlighted Features:

- Space-saving slim design to maximize deck space on your fishing kayak.
- Easy installation and removal with an oversized tension wheel and a single t-bolt compatible with industry standard gear tracks.
- Secure installation ensured by a molded locking tab that resists unthreading.
- Self-draining, removable floor for effortless cleaning and water drainage.
- Convenient tool holder for storing fish grips, pliers, and other tools.
- Knife slot for safe and accessible storage of bait knives.
- Versatile rectangular pad eye for attaching braid scissors or other accessories.
- Three additional pad eyes for anchoring rod leashes, gear tethers, and retractors.
- Rugged composite construction guarantees strength and durability.
- Stainless steel hardware for maximum resistance to corrosion.
- Overall dimensions: 8" L x 3" W x 4" T; bin dimensions: 5" L x 3" W x 4" T.

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