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Brand: HOBIE

860 C TFT Display Screen

Simple, straight to the point. This Color LCD Display has an odometer, speedometer, battery life gauge & USB charger. Everything you need for that getaway adventure

Front Headlight

With great power comes great responsibility. A bright, glass bulb headlight keeps others aware of where you are at all times for maximum safety

Integrated Rear Rack

Integrated rack mounts designed to carry anything and everything you need for that adventure that may require more things than you can carry yourself

48V 28Ah Batteries (1,344 Watt Hours)

The highest quality battery cells. Equipped with 30 miles + of range, you may not ever run out of battery life

750W Motor (1250 Watt Peak)

Power, Performance & Control all packed in one. Want to ride up a steep hill(check), want to carry a lot of cargo without slowing yourself down(check).

Gemma Hydraulic Brakes

Responsive and provide maximum longevity. No need to constantly adjust your brakes anymore.

Integrated Key Fob Alarm

Looking to get some exercises out of the El Capitan, a 7-speed gear system can definitely help with that

Rear Lights & Blinkers

Safety in the front & safety in the rear. Integrated brake lights, taillight and turn signals. Safety is El Capitan's first priority

20x4 Kenda Tires

Acceleration at its finest. At a stop or simply want more power, push down this bad boy and you are off to the races

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