Paddleboards are THE thing to do in Sarasota and around Tampa Bay waters. Our water is nice and tranquil, so it is the perfect sport, as well as the perfect place to learn how to paddleboard if you don’t already know how. When it comes to deciding to buy a paddleboard, there are many reasons why you should buy an inflatable paddleboard. Let’s check out some of them.

Buy an Inflatable Paddleboard

  • You can literally take an inflatable paddleboard anywhere. If you want to travel, just deflate the board and pack it with you. You can take it on a plane, a bus, a taxi, train with nothing extra needed.
  • Inflatable paddleboards can be stored anywhere. Once they’re deflated they take up almost no space. It is only the size of a small suitcase. If your home isn’t equipped with a garage or any type of storage shed it’s the perfect option.
  • This type of stand up paddleboard is a great one for learning on. It isn’t hard like other types, so it is perfect for falling down, which you probably will do while learning. This also makes them great for children to learn on. You might think that this makes them less sturdy, but they are a very sturdy board.
  • Speaking of sturdy boards, this makes them very easy to learn on. They are built with traction pads on them to help keep you from slipping off of the board. And if you’re trying to learn to practice yoga on a paddleboard, then this is the perfect board for fitness activities.
  • Just because they’re inflatable, it doesn’t mean they aren’t durable. Inflatable paddleboards are very durable and rigid. They can actually withstand wear and tear without getting tears in them. When you bang a fiberglass paddleboard, it can bend, break or crack. These won’t be damaged like the other types if you bang into a shoreline when they’re inflated to the proper PSI.

If you’re looking for or would like more information on inflatable paddleboards, Economy Kayak/Dolphin Paddle Sports has a team ready to help you make an informed decision on your next purchase. Contact us to learn more!