Kayak Fishing is such a popular sport. The kayaks are becoming increasingly more advanced each time a new one comes out. The fishing gear available today is abundant, and there are so many little gadgets you can add to your yak to make it perfectly suitable for you, the possibilities are endless. Our kayak fishing tips are just a little tidbit of more information to help you get started, or help make this sport a little more productive!

Kayak Fishing Tips for Beginners

  1. Pick your kayak that you’ll be using for kayak fishing. Decide if you’ll use a pedal kayak, or a more traditional one with paddles. A pedal kayak will allow for hands free fishing making it easier. One with paddles will make you need to be accustomed to one handed fishing. You’ll also want a paddle leash so you don’t lose a paddle overboard.
  2. Determine where you’ll be fishing. It’s important that you know your location, not only so you’re familiar with it, but so that you know what conditions will be like and which types of fish are available in the area and are in season.
  3. Learn how to sight fish. Kayak fishing is special because it’s quiet, so you’re not spooking the fish, making sight fishing easier than in a power boat. Just be sure to cast past the fish, and keep the sun in front of you. Also, invest in a good pair of polarized sunglasses.
  4. The closer you stick to the shoreline, the less of the current you’ll feel, making it easier as you start out.

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