Sarasota, FL Stand up paddle boarding offers a fun and exciting way to explore the water at full height. One of the difficulties of a kayak or boat is the inability to see clear into the waters you are navigating.  The act of standing up while you traverse the water also lends itself to a pretty intense workout.

As a beginner stand up paddle border there are certain precautions and techniques you can employ to have a safe and fun experience.

Basic Stand up Paddle Boarding Equipment

There are a few key pieces of equipment you will need to enjoy stand up paddle boarding. The stand-up board itself can vary depending on paddler weight, skill, intended use and local conditions. Head over to your local Sarasota stand up paddle boarding store for more information on acquiring a perfect paddle board that fits your needs.

Along with the board you will need a paddle, a personal floatation device, a safety whistle and light, proper clothing, a leash, and most importantly sun protection.

Stand up Paddle Boarding Techniques

It’s important that you approach getting on your stand up paddle board correctly. Take your time and stand up slowly with the chest coming up first. Keep your knees bent until your chest is vertical then extend your legs fully.

Once you’re up stay balanced by keeping your feet parallel to the edges of the board. Keep your toes pointed forward and focus your gaze out at the horizon level. Avoid looking down at your feet.

To move on your board there are three basic strokes to employ for smooth sailing.

  • The Forward Stroke: keep your paddle straight and start at the top of the board back towards your ankle. If you want to maintain proper direction then alternate sides.
  • The Reverse Stroke: this method is mostly used for slowing down or stopping. Reach back behind you, keep your arms straight, and then move the paddle towards the front of your board.
  • The Sweep Stroke: mostly used for turning your board while moving or standing. Reach forward and plant your paddle at the front of your board, and sweep the paddle away from the board in a wide arching motion back to the back of the board.

If you followed our directions you should a basic handle on how your first stand up paddle boarding experience should go.

If you want hands on experience Economy Tackle/Dolphin Paddlesports offers free demo days in Sarasota! Email us or call us at (941) 922-9671 for an in depth dive into the stand-up paddle boarding world in Sarasota, FL.