hobie kayakIn the kayaking world there are very few companies dedicated like Hobie Kayak. Hobie was stablished in 1950 by Hobie Alter I n his parents’ garage. The company started out making surfboards that came with the unique perspective of having fun and making sure that users of their products experience the same thing. Soon Hobie started experimenting away from the plain surfboards he started making. Eventually Hobie’s love of the water led to him branching out into boats, stand-up-paddle boards, kayaks and more.

Hobie fishing kayaks are renowned for their stability due to the world famous Mirage Drive. This pedal powered propulsion system leaves your hands free to navigate the waters of your favorite fishing spot. The Mirage Drive is the oldest fishing kayak propulsion system designs for both minimal effort, and stability. This unique system was designed for fishers by fishers.

Hobie kayaks have extensive horizontal rod storage to keep the most precious piece of equipment for any fishing enthusiastic safe. There is nothing more maddening like frequently running into low hanging trees, low bridges or even just rough waves that can cause your rods to fall overboard. This is not an issue with a Hobie Kayak.

Words cannot do a Hobie Kayak justice. Call Economy Tackle or email at 941-922-9671 or check out our Hobie Demos for an in-person experience with a Hobie Kayak!