A Call for Volunteers:

The Myakka River needs you!

       The Channeled Apple snail is an invasive, non-native species found in growing numbers in the Myakka River and other fresh waterways. Volunteers are needed to help control their numbers.

                         Snailing 1                    Myakka River needs you

Volunteers remove snail egg clusters that grow on plant stalks and reeds. No experience is necessary. Training is provided and you’ll learn everything you need to know. Once trained, volunteers can put in hours collecting eggs whenever they wish.  

Michelle Snailing

Having a kayak or canoe is helpful, but the park does have equipment available to use.

This project is not high tech, and collecting requires a pace and attention to detail that is different from a paddle. You’ll see and notice so much more than ever before.

00 hours of accumulated volunteer service is rewarded with an annual park pass. 

When volunteering, entry to the park is free of charge.

Please contact Teresa Good at 941.373.7839