Anglers love kayak fishing for many reasons. It’s easy to do, it’s portable, it’s fun, and compared to power boat options, it’s relatively inexpensive. The list can keep going though.

Kayak fishing brings anglers closer to nature. When you’re in a kayak, you’re so close to the water. Yes you can stand with one, allowing better vision, but you’re still closer than if you were in a center console powered boat.

Fishing kayaks are also able to be more customized. You can add to them, and take away from them, add seats, chairs, rod holders, camera holders. Whatever you need for the day, or however you want to upgrade it.

Anglers Love Kayak Fishing

They’re also great for sneaking up on fish. If you have a pedal kayak, they’re so much more quiet than a traditional paddle kayak, and of course much more quiet than a powerboat. You can just sit and wait for your fish, then pedal on over without them even noticing you. Making it much easier to catch your perfect fish.

This also ties into the fact that anglers love kayak fishing because you become one with nature. The silent serenity of being alone on the water is what draws many to the sport. Florida is full of state parks, natural waterways, little inlets, and of course the Gulf of Mexico. There is no shortage of places to explore. Having a fishing kayak allows you to just put it on your car or truck and go explore anywhere, also allowing you to catch whatever fish are running that area at any given time.

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