Phillippi Estate ParkIt’s not difficult to catch glimpses of Phillippi Creek when journeying around Sarasota. Alongside the southern edge of Phillippi Creek rests the 60-acre county property known as Phillippi Estate Park. This wondrous Sarasota historical landmark features plenty of activities for kids and adults alike. The park has a convenient boat launch for kayakers where Economy Tackle/Dolphin Paddlesports picks up and delivers kayaks (delivery fee may apply).

The History of Phillippi Estate Park

The Phillippi Estate Park takes its name from Phillippi Creek which in turn comes to us by way of a Spanish fishing rancho owner called Phillippi Bermudez. Phillippi fished the waters of the creek starting in the early 1880s and sent his catch to Cuba creating a vibrant local economy in the process. As Sarasota Bay developed, William Joel Drumright bought the land that the park sits on for $50 in 1883. In 1987 Sarasota County bought the land and created Phillippi Estate Park as we know it today.

Phillippi Estate Park Activities

While we mostly focus on the amazing kayaking opportunities Phillippi Estate Park represents, there are other activities to enjoy during your visit to this Sarasota landmark. The historic Edson Keith Mansion listed in the National Register of Historical Places is a must see for a dose of history deeply rooted in Sarasota’s past. The property can also be rented for special gatherings such as weddings and corporate events. There is a weekly farmer’s market, with nature trails, picnic areas and a playground for kids to enjoy.

Kayaking at the Phillippi Estate Park

So what can you expect on your kayaking trip to see all that Phillippi Estate Park has to offer? First things first head over to our Phillippi Estate Park page for directions complete with pictures on where to launch from and most importantly how to get to the park. When you set off on the water get ready for the breathtaking views of Phillippi Creek. You’ll see a myriad of birds, beautiful homes, and even a chance of seeing manatees when the tide is in. Bring your fishing gear if you want to try your luck in the rich waters of the creek.

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