Our super star kayak focus today comes to us in the form of a super fun lightweight kayak from our friends over at Hurricane Kayak called the Santee Sport 116. This versatile kayak was built with the proverbial recreational kayak lover in mind. From the different attachments and options available to the trivial weight this is a kayak designed to be easy to operate and manage.

Hurricane Kayak Company Information

Before we delve into the specifications and features of the Santee Sport 116 let’s learn a little more about the folks behind this revolutionary water explorer. Hurricane Kayak is a relative newcomer on the kayak market being founded in 1998. Their stated goal is to make recreational kayaking available to people from all walks of life. This includes lower prices and lightweight sizes. The prices make their kayaks affordable to both large and small budget consumers. Hurricane Kayak’s pursuit of lighter water crafts means that individuals can set off on the water with little to no assistance from others making the kayaking experience a lot more accessible.

Hurricane Kayak Santee Sport 116 Specifications

Weight: 35.6lbs/16.56 kgSantee Sport 116

Length: 11″6″/3.5m

Width: 28″/71.1cm

Cockpit Dimensions: 55″x24″/ 139.7cmx60.9cm

Capacity: 300 lbs. / 136.1 kg

Colors: Aqua (Featured in picture), Green, Mango, Blue, Red

Hurricane Kayak Santee Sport 116 Features

The Santee Sport 116 was built from the best-selling Santee 116 with a stated purpose of making a more accessible Santee 116 kayak. For a lot of recreational kayakers more space equals more activities. This is how the Santee Sport came to feature a 55-inch cockpit perfect for a pet or a small child. It’s not just the cockpit that was expanded; the sealed rear bulkhead was expanded to include a hinge hatch. All of this extra space came with no sacrifice to weight as the Santee Sport still cruises in at a light 36 and a half pounds.

Demo the Hurricane Kayak Santee Sport 116

Nothing is going to help you understand the feel of the Santee Sport 116 quite like trying it out yourself! Check out the Economy Tackle/Dolphin Paddlesports calendar for our next demo day or call us at (914) 922-9671 to schedule a demo or click to get more information.