hobie kayakSince 1950 Hobie Kayaks have been the name to beat when it comes to a quality kayaking experience that lasts. Competitors have tried to imitate or beat Hobie’s success to no avail. The easiest tactic that comes naturally to the human buying experience has been price. Competitors have cut, shrimped, and trimmed their materials and bottom line to try to present a cheaper alternative to Hobie kayaks. However there are several reasons why Hobie continues to excel even in the face of cheaper alternatives simply put a Hobie kayak is still the single most cost effective kayak out there.

A Quality Kayak

Hobie kayak grew out of Hobie Alter’s dream and love of fun, surfing, and being on the water. This deep sense of reverence for water based activities is deeply instilled in the Hobie design process. The company prides itself on making it as easy as possible for anyone to take up kayaking. Hobie kayaks are made with the highest quality materials using a tried and true engineering method of focusing on durability. Hobie represents over 60 years of experience when it comes to making a quality product that lasts.

Easy Maintenance

One of the biggest hurdles expressed by water sports enthusiasts is the difficulty involved in maintaining equipment over time. The water can be a harsh mistress to a man-made craft. Hobie kayaks are made with a beginner mariner in mind. Hulls are made with composite proprietary plastics to ensure long lasting performance that resists bumps and scratches that plague other kayak manufactures. The weight of Hobie kayaks is kept purposefully low to make it easy to transport and maneuver kayaks in case of necessary repairs.

Hobie Kayak Warranty

Hobie kayak stand behind their products with an included 2-Year warranty with every kayak sold from an authorized Hobie dealer such as Economy Tackle/Dolphin Paddlesports. Although this warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, the warranty covers any defects in the materials, manufacturing, and design of every single kayak.

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