Over the years, Wilderness Systems has set the bar for what fishing kayaks, touring kayaks, and recreational kayaks should be. Between the Phase 3 and AirPro seating, you are bound to find a comfortable kayak that does everything you need. Their new Helix kayak motor will hep you get to where your going with ease. Try an Ultralight version of their kayaks for easy loading and storage. Check out the Tarpon series for a nice seated recreational fishing kayak or check out the Ride and Atak series to gain a standing cast position. If you are looking for a nice touring hybrid check out the Tsunami series with a touring style hull design with a recreational seat. Looking for a recreational kayak? The Pungo 120 is likely to impress you. Click on the links below to see the kayaks we carry, more in depth.

Sit-In Recreational

Sit-In Touring Hybrid

Sit-In Tandem

Sit-On Top Seated Position

Sit-On Standing Position

Paddle, Pedal, Power

Sit-On Tandem