Looking to explore the underwater world first-hand? Let Economy Tackle/Dolphin Paddlesports guide you in the right direction.


Snorkeling is enjoyed worldwide for good reason: it’s easy, it’s safe, it’s fun, and almost anyone can do it. Leave it to Economy Tackle/Dolphin Paddlesports to have all the snorkeling gear you need—including masks, snorkels, fins, wetsuits and booties. Choose from trusted brands such as DeepSee, Scuba Max, Aqualung, Sprint, Bodyglove, and more.


If spearfishing is your sport, then Economy Tackle/Dolphin Paddlesports is your store. Whether you’re into shallow water or blue water, having the right equipment is key. For pinpoint accuracy and underwater maneuverability, check out our selection of spear guns by A B Biller and JBL. Gather and carry your gear with dive bags by Akona and hone your free-diving skills with swim training equipment by Sprint.

Don’t Forget Your GoPro

Document every moment and capture every memory with your GoPro camera. As you immerse yourself in the deep blue, you can wear your GoPro camera or mount it on your gear and capture footage you’ll want to share with everyone.